American Academy of Pediatrics

Global Progress, National Action: Moving from Commitment to Implementation

Several NCD RT members participated in the June 19, 2014 United Nations (UN) Informal Interactive Hearing on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The hearing was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, the private sector, and academia  from around the world. The featured speaker during the Opening Session was Ms. Sally Cowal, Senior Vice President, Global Health at the American Cancer Society, a NCD RT member organization. In addition, the NCD RT members listed below provided statements on NCDs and the progress to date. Please click on the hyperlinks to find out more about the organization or to read the statements.

Alzheimer’s Disease International
Mike Splaine, ADI Statement
Jason Hatke (roundtable participant), ADI Statement

American Academy of Pediatrics/NCD Child
Mychelle Farmer, AAP Statement

The American College of Cardiology
Dr. John Harold, ACC Testimony

American College of Sports Medicine
Maria Stefan, Senior Advisor, Global Partnerships on behalf of Jim Whitehead, CEO & Executive Vice President, ACSM Statement

American Heart Association
Diana Vaca McGhie, AHA Statement

Action on Smoking and Health/Framework Convention Alliance
Shana Narula, ASH/FCA Statement
Carlos Farias, FCA Statement (in Spanish)
Other links:
Post-2015/NCD (ASH)
Action now global agenda (FCA)

International Food Information Council
Kimberly Reed, Executive Director, IFIC Testimony
IFIC Foundation Press Release
IFIC Foundation Written Comments Submitted to the UN

Medtronic Philanthropy
Prasang Hiniduma-Lokuge, Medtronic Statement

Public Health Institute
Dr. Lynn Silver, Senior Advisor, PHI Statement