About Us

The NCD Roundtable and its working groups focus on policy development and advocacy.


  1. Advocate for NCDs to be an important part of the U.S. government’s global health agenda and use U.S. leadership to influence other member states.
  2. Increase the engagement of the U.S. government and other U.S. donors/stakeholders and their investment in NCDs.
  3. Leverage PAHO, the World Bank and other DC-based global health leaders to drive more urgency around NCDs.

NCD Roundtable Leadership

The NCD Roundtable is lead by two Co-Chairs elected each year. Co-Chairs are responsible for organizing monthly meetings/conference calls, maintaining the email distribution list, developing and distributing meeting agendas, supporting documentation and minutes. The elected NCD Roundtable Co-Chairs coordinate and facilitate communication and information sharing as needed.

Member Communication

The NCD Roundtable maintains an email distribution list to keep NCD Roundtable members informed of updates in the NCD world. To maintain a lively and productive dialogue and derive maximum benefit from the NCD Roundtable, members are strongly encouraged to share information and communicate with one another through the list and to attend monthly meetings.

NCD Roundtable Working Groups

NCD Roundtable Working Groups create tangible work products that can be used to support the goals of the organization.