Handicap International: Bringing a New Focus to an Old Discussion at the UN


Anthony Duttine, Handicap International’s Rehabilitation Technical Advisor in Global Health, writes about the NCD meetings held at the 2013 United Nations High-Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases, comparing his experience from previous years.

“The discussion could not have been more different than the ones I had had in 2011. “Equitable health services,” “rehabilitation services,” and “universal health coverage” were the words buzzing around the panel. My own contribution was to speak of what I, as a physical therapist, and Handicap International, a disability focused organization, are seeing in the 61 countries where we work. As a result of diabetes, strokes, and other health conditions often thought to be a rich world’s problem, more and more people in the developing world are coming to us with impairments and disabilities.”

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